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Saved by the '90s

Apr 22, 2020

Adam and Ken try to lighten things up a bit this month and look at four dark comedies released in April throughout the decade including Serial Mom, Sonatine, Go, and Election.

00:01:19 - Serial Mom
00:24:19 - Sonatine
00:36:36 - Go
00:54:09 - Election

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Mar 17, 2020

With all the craziness happening in the world today, this month Adam and Ken attempt to take a cinematic journey through a set of March films that feel very relevant to the current state of things.

00:00:55 - The Hunt For Red October
00:12:24 - Primary Colors
00:28:40 - Outbreak
00:55:10 - Tank Girl

Please be safe and...

Feb 26, 2020

In part two of their look at dark February thrillers, Adam and Ken review two more titles with Lost Highway and Dark City, and continue their discussion on the TV series Millennium.

00:01:37 - Lost Highway
00:15:36 - Dark City
00:33:16 - Millennium

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Feb 12, 2020

In this first part of the new bi-monthly format, Adam and Ken take a look at some dark and mind-bending thrillers released in February throughout the decade including Nightbreed, Into the Mouth of Madness, and the TV series Millennium.

00:01:11 - Nightbreed

00:14:30 - In The Mouth of Madness

00:28:01 - Millennium


Jan 27, 2020

January brought with it a solid number of monster movies throughout the decade, so this month Adam and Ken will be taking a look at four of them along with two episodes from one of the most prolific sci-fi TV shows ever.

00:01:13 - Tremors
00:20:58​ - Body Snatchers
00:32:02 - The X-Files
00:51:05​ - The...